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14 November 2022
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Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village
What is Chalmers entrepreneurship village?

Chalmers entrepreneurship village is a neighbourhood filled with entrepreneurship and innovation. The village and its community provide excellent opportunities for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, creators, companies and organisations to share ideas to co-create the future


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Chalmers entrepreneurship village

Do you have an idea that needs nurturing or a business ready for launch? Chalmers entrepreneurship village is the place for you, here you will find everything from incubators and startup offices to research and education.

Not sure what you need or how you can contribute? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you in the right direction.

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Chalmers entrepreneurship village is the home of various actors and organisations focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. They contribute to the community through activities, knowledge and support, but most importantly they represent a wide network of entrepreneurial individuals.

Together we develop collaborations

Welcome to a community of opportunities

Our mission is to develop collaborations across research, education and utilisation. We want to create spaces and facilitate activities where people can share knowledge and ideas. We are committed to create new possibilities for innovation and entrepreneurship by building an ecosystem empowering entrepreneurial thinking.

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“Exciting and radical innovation often bubbles in university environments. Not least at Chalmers where we mix researchers with industrial partners, start-up companies and students.”

“For a health company like 1928 Diagnostics, it’s important to be close to where the technical innovation happens and in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Chalmers E-village contributes to both and with the close connection to the Gothenburg inner city it was an easy choice. ​”

“We make a difference by creating opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs and established companies to build competitive, international businesses around unique, research-based ideas. At the same time, we make a difference by having our companies tackle global and complex societal challenges, such as fighting antibiotic resistance, developing future cancer diagnostics and future energy solutions from solar cells to marine energy. I am proud to be part of all this and to be able to contribute as we go forward.”

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