The community and collaborations in Chalmers entrepreneurship village

Chalmers entrepreneurship village community and wide network can create new opportunities

In Chalmers entrepreneurship village, you have every opportunity to learn something new, develop, challenge yourself and make your entrepreneurial journey a reality. Our aim in creating a shared space is to encourage and inspire more people to start putting their ideas and innovations into practice.

Chalmers entrepreneurship village – where entrepreneurial minds meet

The Community

Chalmers entrepreneurship village is about developing an entrepreneurial community and encouraging people to collaborate with each other. Together we can create world-leading sustainable innovations and new entrepreneurial knowledge.

Chalmers entrepreneurship village is a home to organisations such as Chalmersfastigheter and Stena Center that offer flexible spaces of varying sizes to suit all types of people, activities, meetings and events – all with the aim of enabling people with ideas and a burning interest in innovation and entrepreneurship to come together, develop, enjoy mutual inspiration and share their knowledge.

Chalmers entrepreneurship village – where entrepreneurial minds meet

Collaboration across boundaries

The village is not just here to help start-ups and growth companies set up and collaborate across boundaries, it also aims to support researchers, students and other parties interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Collaboration can be a source of inspiration and new contacts and can help people get access to invaluable expertise and put their ideas into practice.

At Chalmers, entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything. Here, it means something more. It means openness, co-creation, and flexibility. It means tackling real issues, trying out brave new ideas, and making a difference to the world. Welcome and discover the entrepreneurial energy at Chalmers entrepreneurship village.

Support at Chalmers entrepreneurship village

Unique experience

The village is already home to many people and organisations established in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. This makes Chalmers entrepreneurship village a unique place, accommodating a breadth of experience ranging from students and researchers to incubators and investors – all in the same spot. ​

Moving around Chalmers entrepreneurship village, you’re highly likely to come across entrepreneurs, researchers, investors or other like-minded people. Why not make a spontaneous stop for coffee at Café Vera or an inspiring lunch at Wijkanders? ​

Entrepreneurship and collaboration

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Chalmers entrepreneurship village project group

Co-creating the future

Together we want to contribute to Chalmers University of Technology becoming a world leading entrepreneurial university. But we can’t do it alone. How can you help us?