Discover Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village

Why Chalmers entrepreneurship village?

Moving around Chalmers entrepreneurship village, you’re highly likely to bump in to future collaborations. So why not make a spontaneous stop for coffee at Café Vera, workout at the outdoor gym or eat lunch at Wijkanders? ​

Supporting actors located in Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village

Advice, coaching and financing

Entities within Chalmers

Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers Ventures start, develop and finance research- and knowledge based companies. They offer a wide array of programs suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs, technology innovators and researchers at different stages in their development.


Chalmers Ventures is a globally top-10 ranked university incubator and early-stage tech-investor, with the aim to be a world leader in creating and developing research and knowledge-based growth companies that contribute to a sustainable society.

Chalmers Innovation Office

Chalmers Innovation Office supports researchers and students in the innovation process – the transfer of knowledge into impact for society. Support from the office comes both in the shape of advice and coaching, as well as financing to validate early-stage ideas. Ideas that are supported must be connected to research and education from Chalmers and have a clear connection to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Other actors in the neighbourhood

Image of people at Founders Loft

Founders Loft

Founders Loft works with innovative tech startups that want to create sustainable companies. We are a non-profit organisation and we don’t take any equity. We want to create an inclusive and creative environment where everyone’s commitment is based on a world-class community and where success is created together.

EU SME support

EU SME Support offers free support to SMEs for successful EU funding. The service is financed by VINNOVA,  Tillväxtverket and Energimyndigheten. We review possibilities for EU funding and offer guidance and support through the application process. The service is open also for SME coaches.

We support Eurostars, EIC Accelerator, EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EU Innovation Fund

Workspaces in Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village

Startup spaces & offices

Stena Center

Stena Center is a dynamic and welcoming startup place for entrepreneurs with business based on technological innovation. Various spaces and offices are available for rent and you’ll benefit from being around other entrepreneurs and innovatory businesses.


Do you want to establish your business in the entrepreneurship village? Chalmersfastigheter develop sustainable and inspiring world-class campuses and wants to help you find just the right space for your business.

Research and education in Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village

Research & education

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship unites an internationally-recognised academic programme and research through entrepreneurship. It generates value for society by developing new, exciting and innovative ideas.

Innovation and entrepreneurship at Chalmers

Chalmers University of Technology is an important part of Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village due to its expertise and resources linked to research and education. Innovation and entrepreneurship found in several sections of the university and at several levels.

Student-run organisations within entrepreneurship in Chalmers E-village

Student-run organisations

Image of Chalmers Entrepreneurship Society

Chalmers Entrepreneurship Society

CES is a student driven society that consists of people willing to explore the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. We welcome students with dreams of making the world a little bit better, smarter and more sustainable. By arranging workshops, mingles, case nights and competitions we create a hub for entrepreneurial students to connect and create.

Spark* Chalmers

Spark* Chalmers is a student-run organization providing free mentorship to all Chalmers students that have a business idea. Spark* hope to inspire you as a student to pursue your ideas and will guide you to take it further. Their goal is to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and skills by supporting you during your entrepreneurial journey, regardless of how mature your idea is.

Meeting places in Chalmers entrepreneurship village

Meeting places & venues

Veras gräsmatta

Veras gräsmatta is a natural meeting place at the heart of the Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village. It’s a venue for both ad hoc meetings and large-scale events related to entrepreneurship and innovation. The open events held at Veras gräsmatta are available to book or attend – consider yourself invited!

Outdoor gym in the village park

In the Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village park is a world class outdoor gym for everyone to use. Start your morning with a workout, take a Chalmers E-village Workout Boost during your lunch break with others in the village or lift some weight before going home.

Services at Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village

Restaurant & café


The local restaurant is Wijkanders, and it’s where you’ll often run into people and entrepreneurs from the village. Its menu features mainly classic Swedish cuisine with inspiration from France and other parts of Europe.

Café Vera

Enjoy Café Vera’s freshly-brewed coffee, espresso, latte or cappuccino. For those with a sweet tooth, the café serves fresh pastries and cakes daily. There are also sandwiches, rolls and quick snacks to choose from, including a range of energy bars and cold drinks.

Development and growth

Do you want to know more about Chalmers entrepreneurship village and how it works?

Chalmers entrepreneurship village Community Manager

Madeleine Wahlberg

“I think shaping networks and finding synergy effects for driven people and companies is fun and is already available today at Chalmers. I see enormous potential in Chalmers entrepreneurship village to create something really big in the future”, says Madeleine.