Fuse is Chalmers modern makerspace and lab. It’s a creative meeting place where education, research, industry and the community come together to test and implement ideas.

Interested to get access to the space?

In collaboration, Stena Center has been given the opportunity to offer the tenants access to the space. Exactly how and to what cost depends on the need and what kind of company that show interest.

The makerspace is located on Chalmers’ Johanneberg campus and is the perfect place for you to increase your knowledge and ignite your creative spark!

Fuse has modern tools and opportunities to test new ways of working and collaborate on everything from textiles, metal and wood to electronics, sport and music.

Fuse facilities include:

  • Water jet cutter, 3D printer, laser cutter and vacuum former
  • Workshops for electronics, metal, wood and textiles
  • Physiology and sports labs
  • Studios for podcasts, film, audio and virtual reality
  • Powerfully equipped computer room
  • Project rooms, study spaces, breakout rooms
  • Fuse Box – large flexible space for group work, research, presentations and exhibitions
  • Fuse also contains many informal environments, purpose-built study spaces and social areas such as lounges and student kitchenette.

How to get there

Chalmers Fuse is located in the SB3 building. Main entrance is at Sven Hultins Gata 8.

Registration closes


For whom?

Exclusive for startups sitting at Stena Center. Are you a startup company located at Chalmers, Chalmers Ventures portfolio company etc and interested in Fuse? Use the survey down below and send us your interest registration and we will get back to you.


Betonghallen, Chalmers  -  Show on map
20 Mar 17:0018:00
Registration closes:  16 Mar

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