8 years ago, I co-founded Sigmastocks together with Mai Thai and Nanna Stranne. I will talk about the ideas Sigmastocks was built on, the obstacles one faces when starting a company that aims to revolutionise a mature industry, my role in the company, mistakes we made, what we did right, the next project, and why I can never go back to not building businesses.


Veras gräsmatta
30 Nov 08:0009:00
Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village

About Carl Linberg

Carl Lindberg is a Docent in Mathematical Statistics from Chalmers, and has been an Adjunct Professor in Mathematical Finance at both Uppsala University and Chalmers. He has co-founded Sigmastocks, Arbon Earth, and Islands of Math. Beside being engaged in his companies, he also works as academic coach for Zenseact’s Advanced Graduate Program, leads the AI efforts at AI AWARE, and does some consulting in Data Science, Statistics and AI.


08:00 The door opens and we start by serving a lighter breakfast with coffee/tea
08:15 Keynote speaker Carl Lindberg
08:45 Questions
09:00 End


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